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This prospectus is to help you understand how and what your child will learn and gives you information about school routines you need to follow. 

At Springwood Community Primary School and Nursery we provide a happy, stimulating and exciting learning environment and we want to work in partnership with you to help your child achieve high standards in their work.  Parents/carers are always welcome to come in and talk with the Headteacher or Class Teacher about any ideas or problems. We do ask you to make an appointment or to see the teacher before or after lessons begin.

SpringwoodCommunityPrimary School and Nursery is a mixed school for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 11.


Springwood Community Primary School and Nursery

provides an environment where each child is taught

respect and discipline and is challenged to achieve

their full potential


All admission arrangements, including selection, oversubsription criteria and published admission number can be found on the Bradford Schools Online website

Pupil Premium Allocation

Information about the pupil premium is coming soon.


National Curriculum Statement 

We use a variety of teaching approaches.  Sometimes it will be appropriate to teach the class as a whole if, for instance, the class teacher is introducing a new theme or idea.  At other times, children will be organised into small groups, sets or work individually. Whichever approach is used, we try, as far as possible, to match the work to the learning needs, interests and experiences of your child.  We aim to provide the children with as many first-hand experiences as possible in order to make their learning meaningful.  All areas of the curriculum need to have a strong emphasis on skills, for example, children need to know how to count, read, investigate and problem solve. Children also need to develop additional skills - those of how to find, organise and evaluate information, rather than always learning facts for their own sake.

A new national curriculum is being introduced in September 2014 and the school is currently in the process of updating the curriculum maps for each year group.

Curriculum Map & Plan 

The school has it's own Curriculum Map. This will be uploaded in September.

The school has  a skills map which links to the curriculum map above.  This will be uploaded in September.



Keeping you Informed

Parents/Carers are invited into school twice a year to discuss their child and his/her learning and progress.  These run from 1.30 to 6pm and an appointment will be allocated, where your child's progress will be discussed and you will have an opportunity to discuss your child's work and progress.

An annual report will be sent out each July.


School Performance Tables

The School's Performance Tables can be accessed and viewed via http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/


KS1 & KS2 SATs Results 2012

All SATs Results were validated at the end of February 2013 and can be viewed here.

Our most recent KS2 results can be viewed here

Details of pupil progress for FSM pupils in Key Stage 2 can be viewed here.

Details of pupil progress for FSM pupils in Year 1 can be viewed here.

Details of pupil progress for FSM pupils in Year 2 can be viewed here.


Child Protection Policy

The school has it's own Child Protection Policy. It can be viewed here.


Special Educational Needs

All teachers have responsibility for children's individual needs, including short-term and long-term learning difficulties.  Children with specific learning difficulties are identified and monitored carefully and if necessary specialist help is sought.  Parents/carers are given regular information and are informed throughout.  If a child's progress or attitude at home or school are causing concern, we need to work closely together for the benefit of the child. Children who are more able are identified through the same process and, if necessary, specialist help is sought.

A document summarising the SEN provision our school can offer can be read here.



Phonics Scheme

We use Letters and Sounds to teach phonics, this is a national strategy, all pupils up to Y4 work on their phonic skills on a daily basis.  Ask the class teacher for details on the sounds that your child is working on in order to support them further.

We use the Bug Club reading scheme, which is compatible with the phonics teaching.  Every child has a reading book and we encourage them to read every night for at least 10 minutes.


Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governing Body has agreed a policy. It is available here 


Educational Visits

Visits are sometimes arranged to support the curriculum, this helps to provide first hand experience and learning at a deeper level.  It is important that your child goes on these visits. Money for these visits can only be collected from parents/carers on a voluntary basis. 

Parents/carers will be notified of the cost and asked for a voluntary contribution.  No child will be excluded if a parent is unable to make a donation. If sufficient contributions are not made then the visit may have to be cancelled.  Parents/carers can pay on a weekly basis if they wish. 

A full copy of the school's policy on charging is available from the school.

Parents Videoing School Events

During the school year there will be a number of school events, productions, musical concerts and sporting events etc. that parents / carers may wish to take videos/photographs of the child’s involvement.  The school/governors would wish parents to take part in this activity for their personal use.  These videos/photographs are not for sale under any circumstances and should not be uploaded onto the internet.  However should any parent object to their child being videoed/photographed then the school would have to operate a total ban for that particular performance 

If you wish to object to your child being videoed/photographed please inform the school as soon as possible if you are totally opposed to your child being videoed/photographed.


Expected School Behaviour

We have 3 main rules that everyone at school adheres to:

Always do our best!

Be polite, kind and honest,

Care for everyone and everything!

These are known as the ABCs to good behaviour.

Our policy is linked to colours, so green is good, amber is a warning and red is concerning. Every day is a fresh start and everyone starts off on green - as it is good to be green!  We have a policy regarding School Behaviour. This can be viewed here.


Race Equality

The Governors and staff at SpringwoodCommunityPrimary School are opposed to racism in any form.  We are committed to the principle that children should be given equal opportunities to fulfil their potential.  Our school is multi-cultural and multi-racial and we value this cultural diversity.  Every member of the school community should feel that their language, religion and culture are valued and respected.  In order to achieve this we will use what children know and understand about themselves in our curriculum.


Sex Education

No formal sex education is currently taught in school.  However, we do include sex education as part of the science curriculum.

The children's observations and their questions are used to extend their knowledge and attitudes when appropriate and when the opportunity arises.  Parents wishing to discuss this issue may make an appointment with the headteacher. We will continue to review this policy.


Equal Opportunities

All children have access to the curriculum and are given the opportunity to develop regardless of gender, faith, culture or disability.